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Concrete Sidewalk Raising

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No matter where you go, uneven and cracked sidewalks seem to be a very common sight. If it has happened right outside your home, the problem is so much more apparent. This problem is both unattractive and can be dangerous.

The main reason your sidewalks will sink, settle, and crack is concrete settlement. This is caused over time as moisture causes the soil below the sidewalk to shift and create voids. The sidewalk will then sink into those voids and become uneven or ultimately crack. With the help of our concrete raising methods, we can get your sidewalk lifted back up and to the correct location.

Lift Sinking Sidewalks

Our team can use our polyjacking system to raise your sinking, cracked sidewalk back to its original position. This is done by pumping the polyurethane foam into the void below the sidewalk and leveling the slab back out. If you've got a sinking sidewalk, contact us today to have our experts work with you to repair the problem.

Customer Reviews

Average rating for Concrete Leveling Solutions is 5 stars of 5 stars - based on 21 reviews
Concrete Patio Lifting in Omaha, NE
I thought it would take weeks to get my patio repaired but I was surprised how quick, professional and courteous Dave was and the crew. Thanks so much!
Jillian P - Omaha, NE 68114
June 13, 2017